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Sailboat Lures
sailboat mahiWhile sailing in tropical / subtropical waters throughout the world, boaters often find themselves fishing for excellent tablefare between voyages. Small to medium sized tunas, mahi, wahoo, and others are targeted with rigged trolling lures. Handline fishing with these smaller lures makes it quite possible to catch a prized dinner fish! Plus handlines are easy to stow on any boat and pack for any travels compared to a rod and reel!

Our basic fishing kit would have the following: 1) HFL 100' Handline fishing rig, 2) Gloves, 3) Hawaiian Aku trolling lures, and 4) Eye protection. Safety first: always remember gloves and eye protection! Now that's everything needed to try for a fresh fish dinner!

Tips: 1. Bring an extra handline, it does not take up that much more space and this will allow you to always be ready.
2. Have your lures rigged and ready to fish so you don't need to do it when your onboard and underway if possible.
3. Handle your fish with care, subdue it before you bring it onboard or get it straight in the icebox! Mahi go crazy and can cause lots of problems!

handline fishing rig 1. Handline Fishing Rig: Handline Rig Offshore 75' / 100' / 125' of 650 pound test poly rope, mono leader w/ trolling french clip swivel, rubber band #64, marine heavy duty shock cord. Try one of our handline fishing rigs! They are very popluar for those looking for a fresh fish dinner without bringing a lot of tackle. All materials used are extra tuff in order to handle! We also have complete kits that are available with everything you need to go trolling, just add boat and water.

handmade hawaiian style favorites Hawaiian Style Aku Lures: These "Aku" lures have been a popular choice here for many years. They are use mainly for targeting small to medium sized tuna and work very well.

2. KAKU: Kaku makes some of the best aku lures with 3, 4, and 5 inch skirts. The bullet and cut face head shape is a good attractor, drawing strikes from picky fish like the smaller and medium sized tuna. Made in Hawaii USA
3. Polu Kai: Cave Man, Fat Boy, Rocket Man, Shaka Plunger, Stubby Sam: Polu Kai has a great selection of 6 inch lure heads that he calls "mahi candy". We have used them all with great results.Made in Hawaii USA
4. Chrome Heads: 6 Inch: 4 Hole Jet, 4 Hole Hex Head, Bullet, Funnel Jet, Tuna Packer The smaller 6 inch chrome heads are perfect for small to medium size ono on our handline fishing rig. Made in Taiwan
5. Yamashita: Damashi (Sabiki), Octopus Skirt, Spicy Tuna, Stainless Double Hook: Try bottom fishing with a damashi / sabiki type rig, the small flies are great for smaller fish. The spicy tuna is a killer aku lure. Made in Japan, China
sail fishing accessories Sail Fishing Accessories: Check in our Rigging Supplies" for quality fishing gear! Always remember: when using a handline fishing rig, eye and hand protection is a must! You can also find everything you need to professionally rig your own lures, making perfect rigging easy! Don't forget about gloves!

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