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rigged lureOffshore fish can be hard on lures and their rigging. An average ono can knock a resin lure so hard, that the head, leader, and skirts take a real beating. Or how does the lure rigging hold up to a long fight and should it be used again?

With the right tools and supplies, it's easy to get your lures re-rigged and back in the spread again. Some of the best lures are all beat up and still keep catching as long as the skirting and rigging are good. *Remember: Although we do have everything you need to re-skirt or re-rig your trolling lures, keeping your lures clean, rigged, and ready to go with sharp hooks will allow your rigging to last longer. It is much better to have a few of these versus a bunch of rusting rigs. We believe there is simply no way to know when the "fish of a lifetime" will strike. To keep things in top shape, it helps to store your lures by size in plastic baskets with holes for easy wash down with fresh water. These will also help to let the air dry everything out.

handline fishing rig Handline Fishing Rig: Handline Rig Offshore 75' / 100' / 125' of 650 pound test poly rope, mono leader w/ trolling french clip swivel, rubber band #64, marine heavy duty shock cord. Try one of our handline fishing rigs, a great, compact way to stowaway your fishing gear for that fresh mahi dinner. Complete kits with lures, gloves, and eye protection are also available. Kits comes with everything you need to go trolling, just add boat and water.

big game lure skirtsBig Game Lure Skirts: Every one of our best lures needs re-skirting eventually. Or maybe you just need some different color combinations? We have Yamashita trolling skirts with eyes and a selection of the Yo-zuri skirts without out eyes. Please let us know about larger 12 to 14 inch skirts, as well as vinyl sheets for skirting marlin lures!

big game lure riggingBig Game Lure Rigging: Having a simple set of quality rigging tools will allow you to re-rig, and keep all your lures fresh and ready to use. Let's face it, old crimping sleeves and chaffed leader doesn't work in our favor when trying to boat a fish. We have handheld crmping tools, mono leader cutter, leader material, line saver, rigging floss, sleeves, and WTP decorator tape! Everything you need to keep your "hot" lure ready to go at all times!

big game accessoriesBig Game Accessories: Got Grease?? Ardent Reel Kleen accessories will keep you tackle in top shape, including a lubricant for your line. We also carry some of the smaller Aftco accessories like rigging clips, and roller trollers! For trolling, the french clip ball bearing swivel is very popular (sizes available from XR3 to XR6).

shore hookCasting Lure Rigging For a long time big game casting lures used treble hooks that were cut open and bent back after being attached to the thru wire. This in fear of using weak split rings that were sure to undo on an aggresive, huge fish like a surface striking ulua. We found some however, that are tested, tough, and rated in breaking strength. Check out our Maria Japan stuf and you can alos find deep jigging accessories like: Damashi / Sabiki, Tenbin spreader, and Flicker jigs!

casting accessoriesCasting Accessories: Try the Sea Sports tabis. They are soft bottom, reef walking shoes, very popular with many of Hawaii's shorecasters. The neoprene offers protection to above the ankle, gives good support, and still feels comfortable. We also carry the plano "bucket topper" used to turn your 3 to 5 gallon bucket into a tackle tote, and water proof storage containers. Cast longer and stronger with Power Pro micro line for maximum casting distance and stregth! Works GREAT for vertical jigging outfits! This is really good USA Spectra line, just be aware of the thin diameter for handling safety as well.

sailing accessoriesSailboat Accessories: Running a couple of handlines on your sailboat can be a really effective way to fish while underway! ALWAYS have your eye and hand protection ready with you for offshore fishing handline. It's also a good idea to have a serrated knife that can cut thru handline material or rope. Be safe and carry a fish stunning bat and lures that are already rigged. If needed subdue the fish before bringing it aboard, a lively mahi can cause all kinds of problems once it hits the deck if it does not go straight into the icebox!

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