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Quality Rigging Components

If you order a skirted or rigged lure from us, we can assure you that the quality of the materials and rigging is of the highest standards. We do all rigging at the time of the order and in house. We will give the same attention to detail as when we are making our own lure rigs for trolling on our boat, Siu Lin.

When we put together a lure and rig it for trolling we use the best materials possible so it runs and looks good. Here's how:

yamashita lure skirt1. Using skirts with no eyes for lure heads with eyes, is a popular choice with a lot of folks these days. We tend to skirt that way except for lure heads without eyes and chrome heads. These are usually skirted with glo eye on the skirt.
We skirt with Yamashita and Yo-Zuri brand skirts and match the outside color with the lure head, inside using a contrasting color. Heads that are clear, chrome, pearl, or with white shell will skirt nicely with several color combinations.

2. Lure size in Hawaii is usually based on the size skirt it will fit and not the overall length of the lure. For example, our Matsu Fish Head Cut Face 7 inch lure will fit a 7 inch skirt, but has an overall length of 9 inches.

3. We use J Line Premium Mono Leader and protect it at all the stress spots with heavy-duty line saver.

4. We use quality crimps and crimping tools to make sure rig is sturdy. Crimps are double sleeve style and sized for a perfect match.

mustad 7691s5. We use premium Mustad 7691 S stainless trolling hooks for their tough quality and good hook setting. Typically, an 8/0 for a lure with 6 inch skirts, 9/0 for a lure with 7 inch skirts, 10/0 for a lure with 9 inch skirts, 11/0 for a lure with 12 inch skirts. We understand that rigging to match your tackle and preference is important to you. Let us know your request regarding mono leader, hook size, or other rigging details. We can rig lighter or heavier, often at no extra charge. * Larger 14 inch lures are rigged with single Korean 14/0 stainless trolling hook.

"The quality of the product is only as good as the quality of the installation". A big fish can push or better yet pull even the most carefully maintained tackle and rigging to the limit. We believe there is simply no way to know when the "fish of a lifetime" will strike... so always have it rigged right!

crimping toolBecause offshore fish can be hard on lures, you may want to consider keeping a few rigging tools, supplies and extra lure skirts handy. While you can sometimes land a large fish with just the smallest scratches on the lure head, other times it gets knocked by an ono and takes a beating that requires a complete lure overhaul! Get them re-rigged and back in the spread again, because some of the best lures are all beat up and still keep catching as long as the skirting and rigging are good. Our Rigging Supplies has the right tools and materials for making perfect rigging easy!

*Remember: Although we do have everything you need to re-skirt or re-rig your trolling lures, keeping your lures clean, rigged, and ready to go with sharp hooks will allow your rigging to last longer. It is much better to have a few of these versus a bunch of rusting rigs. To keep things in top shape, it helps to store your lures by size in plastic baskets with holes for easy wash down with fresh water. These will also help to let the air dry out the wet lures much faster. Coil up the leader neatly and rubberband it together.

Favorite Skirted / Rigged Lures:

polu kail pro lureOne of our favorite lures for boat trolling are the Polu Kai Pro series. This one is a Tail Pipe skirted with 9 inch NO EYES. The skirt color is opelu (green back with yellow stripe) to match the color of the head. Polu Kai heads that have the large front face (Cave Man, Fat Boy, Tail Pipe) provide an explsove pop when they break the surface. We typically skirt these lures backwards over the tails and use a hose to make a tailpiece for the skirt to slide over.

While it does take a bit more effort to get the larger faced lures skirted, they will add a great action to the lure spread!

matsu fish head lureAnother favorite are the Matsu Lures. They are some of the finest saltwater trolling lures ever made! Wolrdwide they are proven to be the "killer" lure. The Fish Head is one of our all-time favorites for its consistent action in different positions and sea conditions. It has gotten great feedback from all around the world. This one was injured by a savage ono srike behind the eyes. Even when using the best materials, fish can be hard on the lures and skirts.

Polu Kai and Matsu lures are **Customer Top Rated** They are available: 1) Head only, 2) Skirted, 3) Fully rigged and ready for fishing!

Aloha! Thanks for visiting our Quality Rigging page!

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