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Enjoy the fishing tails!
Photo Album

Ahi double

We got a double ahi strike on the Siu Lin with Eric onboard, and almost got spooled twice before we got our first and seccond ahi! The VT Teaser Bird strikes again!

Ahi fever

Polu Kai lures work great & helped the crew of the Sweet Kimi II in winning the 2006 Ahi Fever tournament! That is a lot of sashimi!

Ahi fever 2

The crew won the largest ahi division using Polu Kai Rocket Man 9 Inch Lures, and the total weight division as well: 184, 207, & 224 pounds.

Francis in W and F

Francis always has a Polu Kai: Polu Diver 7 lure in his spread. While rare in Hawaii the Espadons Voilier (sailfish) is more common in Wallis Islands.

Robin sails from mexico to hawaii

Robin sailed from Mexico to Hawaii and brought along a Handline Fishing Rig Offshore Kit in order to get some fresh fish onboard!

robin mexico to hawaii 2

The crew caught small mahi and tuna and were able to make some excellent dried fish!

scoop face crazy lure

Aloha Charley Tanabe...we will miss you! The scoop face lure 7 (no longer available) was a really popular lure as well as the larger cutty sark!

genes marlin

On his 12 foot boat "Destiny" Gene got this marlin while trolling a Chrome Head 7. That fish is heavier than Gene + his boat!

album.siu lin ono run

We got blitzed doing the ono run for a great morning catch on the Siu Lin. The Yo-Zuri Bonitas may have had something to do with this.

junes ulua

June got this nice ulua from shore using a topwater Yo-zuri lure. Great job!

poe and friends celebrate

Ono or wahoo?? They are good size ones off S. Carolina that's for sure! Poe and guys use their favorite Chrome Head lures in order to get the job done.

siu lin before riggers

This marlin was caught on our lucky 50 # reel and pole with Ed onboard the Siu Lin. VT Teaserbird with a trailing Polu Kai Rocket Man 6 (rigged with single hook).

hand line mako

KC caught this mako shark on our hand line fishing rig while sailing to Puerto Vallarta from L.A..


Glen was fishing with a Coggin Invert lure for marlin, when he hooked a huge mahi! This big bull went crazy at leader, great job!


The gyotaku print of this ono comes to life as it is lifted. Stu caught this on his short corner with a Chrome Tuna Packer 9 Inch Bullet (Blue and Pink rigged with single 10/0 hook).


We try to release all Ulua, this one did not make it. Coggin Small Slant (Blue Back rigged with single 10/0 hook) in about 25 fathoms.


We got a nice uku (gray snapper) on the Siu Lin dropping a Maria Japan Jig 100G rigged with a 5/0 Shore Jig hook, in 15 fathoms.


Our friends in Puerto Rico did well in a tag and release billfish tournament using Kelela Paniolo 9 Inch Purple Top / Pink Lure rigged with single 10/0 hook. Note the teamwork, great job!


This tag is much different from Hawaii ones, here is one of the released fish with tag in place.


Capt. Clay from Molokai with a nice mahi using a "mahi candy", or one of several Polu Kai 6 inch lures.


Barrett went down to Puerto Vallarta and got a nice yellowfin tuna using a Polu Kai Rocket Man Jet


Shore casting with lures is enjoyable & can be quite rewarding.


This angler is happy with the ceramic Mark White casting lure he was using. The heavy, compact design really casts far!

mahi / ahi lure

Polu Kai Rocket Man 9 is an awesome all around lure, and seems to work well in all positions. This was a nice mahi and we just missed an ahi earlier on the same lure.

japan flag

Capture & release of Pacific Blue Marlin! It is being revived to increase the chance of survival. Caught with Charley's Cut Face 9


The Charley's 9 Cutface lure is proudly displayed as angler friends stop to celebrate a successful billfish release. This particular lure is a Japan Flag color.


Alika's Jet Ski Marlin Weighed 230 Pounds & Came To Shore On A Rescue Sled: "Thanks Gary For A Killer Lure." (Charley's Scoop Face 7 inch)

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