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Casting Tips

Suggestions For Care and Use of Casting Lures

omilu catch
Papio, especially Omilu, is a great eating fish cooked pan fried. Shore casters love the sport of a scrappy fight, that can end with overmatched tackle. Larger adult fish known locally as Ulua are strong, using their broad shaped body to make powerful downward runs, where they try to wrap your line around sharp rock or coral.

Basic care: Rinse thoroughly with fresh water and dry completely after use (like overnight) and return to a clean tackle box. Even the best hook coatings will corrode. To slow the process and prevent hook failure, keep them clean, dry, and in sticky sharp condition. I like the Eze-Lap Hone and Stone medium grit for sharpening hooks.

If you are unfamiliar with whipping with plugs, I recommend you experiment in a deep water spot first and get a feel for how the lures work. They are somewhat similar to a Kastmaster or Krockadile in that they are sinkers. The weight to mass ratio combined with the featherflash or skirted hook, causes these lures to have a natural, lifelike action in both high speed as well as slow speed retrieve patterns. These ceramic plugs produce long casts, giving you more water to work and lure exposure.

Be creative and develop several retrieve patterns. Consider each retrieve like a brush stroke on a watery canvas. The possibilities are infinite. I start with a fast pattern, ripping across the surface. A strike may occur at the point where the lure hits the water again. Think like a bait fish trying to avoid hungry jaws. Also if you get a follow or a missed strike, don't slow the lure down to give the fish a chance!

Keep it moving in a lively manner, unless of course you run out of water. If a fish follows the lure to the water's edge, keep the lure in the water, moving it back and forth or dancing it on the surface. Practice this when there are no fish around so you will know what to do when this happens. And it will happen... I have gotten many hookups this way.

If you don't get any action on a fast retrieve, try slowing the lure down so it swims a foot or two below the surface (similar to the crank and jig method used by Akule fishermen). Know your depth so you don't snag the bottom. A slow retrieve works good for Lai (Leather Back), Kaku (Barracuda), Papio (Trevally), and many fresh water predators like Bass, Pike, and Trout.

Aloha! Thanks for visiting our Casting Tips page. Read up on some great lure casting tips from our family and friends. Also look for information on how to use some of our most productive lures!

Visit our Casting Tips Archive I

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