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Big Game Lures
big game lures
Our Handmade Hawaiian Style Lures are made by some of the best in the business. WE HAVE A HUGE variety of trolling lure shapes, sizes, and colors; proven world-wide!!
Years of fishing skirted resin heads has provided countless hours of lure testing for our local fishermen. The result has been the creation of quality lures for targeting different fish species in a variety of sea conditions and trolling speeds.

Try one of our Hawaii handmade lures in your offshore / deep sea spread, we are certain you will be satisfied!... Mahalo and tight lines!

Polu Kai: Cave Man, Fat Boy, Fish Stick, JH Plunger, Mac Nut, Rocket Man, Polu Diver, Rocket Man, Rocket Man Jet, Shaka Plunger, Stubby Sam, Tail Pipe "I like Polu Kai Lures because fish like em" ...Capt Norm Isaacs. Made to fool fish not fishermen, Polu Kai lures have earned their reputation for great quality, action, and attention to detail. HUGE selection of lure styles and sizes, with custom options available upon request.
VT: 6 Hole Bullet Jet, Fish Head Scoop, Peanut, VT Teaserbird. VT is famous for making his handmade Kona Teaser Bird. Trailer your favorite lure behind the bird 10-15 feet or so. Great for adding some commotion to calm water conditions! He also has made some very special lures for us that are secret favorites from days past such as the 9 Inch 6 Hole Bullet Jet, deadly on large ahi!
other local favorites Other Local Favorites: Chrome Head lures, Maria Japan Vertical Jigs, Mold Craft Soft Plastics, Yamashita Squid Skirts, Yo-zuri: Bonita (*Top Choice), Sashimi Bull, and Surface Bull GT lures.

Chrome Head Lures: One Pound Bullet, Bullet, Bullet Jet, Bullet Hex Jet, Cut Face Jet, Funnel jet, Scoop Face Jet We got a huge selection of the most popular Hawaii chrome head lures. Chrome Heads are very durable and are a favorite of local ono/ahi fishermen. They tend to be heavier and often additional weight can be added when rigging simply by adding lead egg weights.

Maria Japan Jigging: Blue Flame, Condor Head, Ebi Shrimp, Metal Flicker, Saberer, Tenbin K Type, Fighters Ring, Jig Assist Hook HOT! Vertical jigs are a great way to put your lure deep in the strike zone when the fish are down under (10 to 100 fathoms). We use the size from 100 G to 120 G for some awesome jigging while we drift around a floater or a FAD!
Yo-Zuri: Bonita, Crystal Minnow Magnum, Surface Bull Want to go sub surface and add a wiggle to your lure spread? The Yozuri Bonita is "bibless" swimming plug that has earned its keep in big game fishing. It seems to always appear when looking at a boat captains selection of lures. More often than not they are pretty banged up from ono strikes! Also check out new choices for big game casting lures that work well when jigged behind the boat!
Yamashita: Damashi / Sabiki, Octopus Skirt w/ Eyes, Spicy Tuna, Japan Double Hook Check out our selection of Yamashita Golden Bait skirts. Well known for their great colors, supple feel, and tantalizing action underwater. We carry sizes 6, 7, and 9 inch in the entire Hawaiian color chart (skirt #1 to #40). Lures for catching bait / small to medium fish?? Try the small flies on a line that are known as "sabiki" rigs, they are quite popular for catching smaller to medium bottom fishes as well as mid water fish like akule and opelu. Try the spicy tuna rigged with a double hook, it is one of our all time favorites for aku / shibi.

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happy 13th HAPPY 21st!! MAHALO FOR ALL YOUR SUPPORT, Gary and Stella.

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