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Choose from one of the categories below to view our quality selection of casting lures!
maria japan luresMaria Japan Lures: Angel Kiss, Bull Chop, La Segunda, Mar Amigo, Miss Carna, Pop Queen, Princess MGX, Saberer, Shore Blue, Viva Parade. We have a great selection of Maria Japan Lures for all those finese fishermen! From the offshore tough, deep water jigging Shore Blue Jig - to ultra-lite twitching minnows and everything in between. The quality, action, finish, and attention to detail are amazing! Made in Japan
maria japan vertical jigsMaria Japan Vertical Jigs: Saberer, Shore Blue. New! Deep water jigging with the Shore Blue gave us great action aboard our boat Siu Lin. This is a great lure at the FADs or by floaters for aku / shibi. Nearshore (10 to 15 fathoms) it works well for Kahala, Uku, and Ulua. We reccomend using the single Shore Jig hook, braided line such as Made in the USA Power Pro and flourocarbon leader material. Made in Japan
mark whiteMark White: 1/4, 1/2, 1, 1.5, 3.0 Ounce modelsThese are great far casting ceramic plugs. The secret is in the heavy but compact body. This allows it to be worked sub-surface often where it can be more easily spotted. Let it sink during pauses, slow retrieves, or with a low rod tip. Hooks come with feather flash or skirting to add to the life-like action. Also standard with a limited lifetime warranty. Made in Hawaii USA
piliPili: New! These are the original Pili lures still handmade in Hawaii. They have been one of the standard surface casting type lures used here and throughout the Pacific for Ulua (Jack), Kaku (Barracuda), and other surface feeding fish. We will soon have some great choices of handmade pili lures both floating and sinking, as well as the new "factory" American made big game plugs. Made in Hawaii USA
piliUlua'z Molokai: Made in Hawaii USA

yamashita golden baitYamashita Golden Bait: Damashi / Sabiki Size: #6, #8, #10, #12, Golden Bait 2.5, 3.5, Ika Tsuri Damashi New!, Stainless double hook Smaller squid skirts are great for catching offshore baitfish. Tied to a Japan Pearl Head it is deadly and will take bigger tuna, mahi as well. Also, try the multi-hook "damashi" rigs: well tied and ready to go for fish and now for squid! Great for bottom fishing or jigging from a boat / pier. Made in Japan, China
yozuri minnowsYozuri Minnows: Crystal Minnow Magnum, Pins Minnow, Live Bait Minnow Jig, Surface Bull GT. These are some really popular lures here in Hawaii. The hard body baits are known for their bright flash and tight wiggling, as well as a great ability to fool a wide range fish. The Surface Bull GT is a classic and still one of the most potent big game ulua or GT casting plugs out there! Made in Japan, Phillippines
Casting Accessories: Power Pro Micro line, Sea Sports neoprine tabis and much more!

Casting Tips: Advice from our fishing family and friends!

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